With all of the security hacks, it is more than safe for us to all assume that our data is out on the web for sale.  As such, many security professionals recommend freezing your credit.  I have had mine frozen for 15 plus years.  All this means is that no one, including yourself will be able to run a credit check and open a loan, etc.  When you do need to run a credit check, you login with your PIN to temporarily unlock your credit.  Best of all, there is no cost to lock or unlock your credit!

Links to freeze your credit at the four consumer credit bureaus: EquifaxExperianInnovis and Trans Union.

In addition, there is a separate bureau that Telecom and Utility companies use:  NCTUE.

How to freeze your child’s credit

Parents and guardians can now freeze the credit of a child under 16.

If you request a freeze for your child, the credit bureau must create a credit file for the child, then freeze it. In addition to supplying the information required for an adult credit freeze, you’ll also need the child’s birth certificate and proof that you have standing to freeze the child’s credit.

Brian Krebs has a great article on the specifics and details if you have questions!