Protecting your kids, and yourself online is becoming more and more complex.  I have a passion for helping in this area and through our Alamo ISSA chapter, offer free lunch and learn type presentations to schools, churches, and businesses.

Here is a quick link to the tools that I recommend.

For your home wireless router, I recommend Open DNS which is free!

What about those mobile devices when they leave your home network?

For Android devices, I recommend Lookout antivirus and Mobicip browser.

For iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone, I recommend Find my iPhone and a combination of Mobicip as well as the new built-in parental controls.  If you only install the Mobicip browser and disable Safari, a user can still easily install a new browser such as Chrome and it will not block anything unless you have enabled the built-in parental controls.  These controls also force safe search in Google and other search engines.

For OSX and Windows devices, I highly recommend K9.  K9 will install and run in the background so you can still use your favorite browser and all content will be filtered.  In addition, users will be forced to use safe search.

I hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have any comments or other suggestions!