Freeze Your Credit Reports!

With all of the security hacks, it is more than safe for us to all assume that our data is out on the web for sale.  As such, many security professionals recommend freezing your credit.  I have had mine frozen for 15 plus years.  All this means is that no one, including yourself will be […]

7 Essentials for Securing Your Family’s Internet Safety

Most professionals in the IT industry are counted on by their friends and family members to assist them with their technology challenges. And security is no exception. People want to know if their social media accounts were hacked or if their personal information has been compromised. Children do not realize the daily threats not only […]

Who’s Ready For EMV & P2PE?

With the October deadline quickly approaching, many companies are researching how they might deploy EMV. The card brands have set October as the month where breach liability will shift from the brands to the merchant if the merchant doesn’t have at least 75% of their readers capable of reading an EMV card. This means the […]

Building a SOC while growing security talent

The recent MasterCard lawsuit against Nike for “stealing” their CISO and other key security talent is only the tip of the iceberg. The keynote at our International ISSA conference last year was Admiral Rogers from the NSA talking about their shortage of security talent. So, how do we get more people interested in our field? […]

Let’s not get stuck on the term cyber

Happy New Year! I have really enjoyed reading some great blogs lately on both LinkedIn and Twitter.  From trade magazines to security companies, everyone is asking what 2015 has in store. One meeting I was in recently had members from the public, private and DOD sectors.  We were discussing what terms appeal to different audiences […]

The Sony Breach

Let’s set aside all of the political implications of this breach and just look at it as another breach for a moment.  100 TB of data stolen.  WOW!  We all know that no company can prevent a breach if someone is determined to get in, however with a solid framework, we should be able to […]

Why does shadow IT still exist?

Shadow IT?  What is that?  How long has IT even been around? According to wikipedia, it was the late 70’s and early 80’s.  So why is it that businesses are just starting to realize the value of a good IT team?  Or, perhaps, it’s just the opposite.  Why is it that IT is now being […]

Free tools to protect your family online

Protecting your kids, and yourself online is becoming more and more complex.  I have a passion for helping in this area and through our Alamo ISSA chapter, offer free lunch and learn type presentations to schools, churches, and businesses. Here is a quick link to the tools that I recommend. For your home wireless router, […]